Staging Tips

[faq title=”Frequently asked questions:”] [faq_question] How much are your services? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] They start at $95 and go up from there. You can also order add-ons to help improve your listing or portfolio, like Extra Photos, Twilight, Aerials, etc. Check out our ‘Pricing & Order’ page for details! [/faq_answer] [faq_question] How soon will I get the photos back? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] In MOST cases, the very next day! We know you don’t have forever to wait so expect them quickly. More complicated shoots may require an additional day to process! [/faq_answer] [faq_question] How long will the photos be online? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] We’ll store them for you for 6 months. [/faq_answer] [faq_question] Do you stage the property as well? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] Unfortunately, we don’t. We’re photographers, not stagers. Because we are able to offer such low prices, we depend on the property being 100% ready when we show up. While we may move a few small items around, we can’t move large pieces of furniture, etc. We can also “virtually” stage the property for you, for an additional fee. Check out our Before & After page for details![/faq_answer] [faq_question] What do you mean ‘100% Ready’? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] Ensure all lights and lamps are on, and fans are off. Also, make sure there is no proof of animals, such as water & food bowls, doggy blankets, etc. Take any covers off grills or patio furniture and have water features on, if there are any. Make sure counter tops are de-cluttered and clean. Make sure bathrooms are also de-cluttered and remove any hygiene items from showers and counters. For more staging tips prior to photography, check out our ‘Staging Tips’ below! [/faq_answer] [faq_question] What if I need to cancel? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] We know things come up. So if you need to cancel more than 24 hours out, just give us a call and we’ll cancel it. If you cancel within 24 hours, there will be a $75 cancellation fee added to the invoice once rescheduled. [/faq_answer] [faq_question] What about bad weather? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] With days that are just overcast, we still shoot. Don’t worry, we’ll replace the sky and you’ll never be able to tell! But if it’s raining, or too bad to shoot, we’ll simply reschedule for the next available date.[prettyPhoto title=”Bad Weather Example” link=”” type=”link” gallery=”” style=”” class=”” paragraph=”true”]Click To See Example![/prettyPhoto] [/faq_answer] [faq_question] Do you ‘green’ the grass? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] During the winter months, we’ll ‘green’ the grass (realistically) for no charge upon request. [/faq_answer] [faq_question] If something is in the photo I don’t like, can’t you just ‘Photoshop’ it out? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] While we are Photoshop ninjas, please bear in mind that is a skill that took a long time to master. It’s not something that happens with a click of the mouse; it takes time. So we can offer Advanced Editing on an hourly basis, but we don’t offer free Photoshop services. This is why it’s so critical that the property is ready to go! [/faq_answer] [faq_question] I got a listing from another agent/broker. Can I just use the same photos? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] Unfortunately, no. However, you can purchase Usage Rights to a shoot already completed for 50% of the original shoot fee. We do this to be fair for all parties involved, since one party has already paid for them and another will be benefiting from them. Realty Pro Shots owns the photos at all times and retains rights as such. [/faq_answer] [faq_question] Do you shoot commercial properties as well? [/faq_question] [faq_answer] Yes! Just contact us with the details and we’ll get you a price! But if we’re just shoot exterior and you only need a few shots, it’ll be around $100 and goes up from there, based on your needs. [/faq_answer] [/faq] [su_heading size=”19″]Staging Tips:[/su_heading] [title type=”h1″ class=”tfuse”]Whole Home[/title] • Depersonalize! Remove any personal photos on shelves, etc. Replace the ones on wall with
framed art from any discount store. If this can’t be done, no worries.
• Open all of the drapes and blinds, but don’t pull them up. Sunshine is the world’s best
• Turn ON all the lights and lamps and turn OFF fans!!
• Wash the windows – inside and out.
• Replace any and all burned out light bulbs – this is crucial!!
• Remove ANY and ALL evidence of pets – including toys, food/water bowls, etc.

[title type=”h1″ class=”tfuse”]Kitchen:[/title] • Clear those countertops! Sell the space – not the stuff taking it up.
• Pick up any rugs or runners. By doing so, it’ll make the space appear bigger.
• Clear the ‘fridge – the door that is! We know you’re proud of that report card, drawings,
and picture, but again – depersonalize. Attention will go to this and not your kitchen!

[title type=”h1″ class=”tfuse”]Bathrooms:[/title] • Clear the counters and clean the sink(s) and tub.
• Ensure mirror is spotless.
• Close shower curtain about 3/4 of the way, exposing just the hardware.
• Check the light bulbs!

[title type=”h1″ class=”tfuse”]Bedrooms/Offices:[/title] • De-clutter as much as possible. Even if you have to stash everything in the closet
temporarily, the camera can’t see through doors!
• If you have an office with a desk, ensure the desk is cleared of any paperwork and has
very little on it, just like countertops!

[title type=”h1″ class=”tfuse”]Exterior (Front/Back):[/title] • Clear the driveway.
• Even if during the day, turn on the exterior lights.
• Clean up the yard. Put away lawn tools, kids’ toys and discard or store furniture that is
rusty or ragged. If season and funds permit, put down some colorful annuals and/or put
a few nicely planted containers on or near the front door.
• Remove ANY and ALL evidence of pets – including toys, food/water bowls, beds, etc.

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